Lyn Ashwood and Rachel Rose are a co-author team that live and work in Seoul, South Korea. Having met while studying together in China, they fostered a shared passion for Korean culture and entertainment.

Lyn Ashwood

Lyn likes to think of herself as an incorrigible wanderer—through cities, cultures, and stories. After acquiring her degrees, traveling from place to place, and eavesdropping on random strangers with her hard-won language skills, she finally made the somewhat irrational decision to move to Korea to work as a writer and editor, because apparently she didn’t get enough of that in grad school.

When not trapped in her own mindscape, Lyn can be found queuing for concerts, hunting down the best chocolate ice cream in Seoul, or hiding in her tiny apartment streaming music videos because it’s too “peopley” outside.

Rachel Rose

Rachel has studied and worked across Asia, jumping from Taiwan to China, and then onto Korea where she currently resides. Her Instagram is almost entirely about food, and she annoyingly insists that the camera must always eat first. Her favorite K-drama tropes include contract relationships and drunken piggyback rides, although she’d hate for them to actually happen to her in real life. For more than 25 years, Rachel assumed she was exclusively a cat person until her parents adopted Ted, the Pomeranian who doesn’t know he’s a Pomeranian. Her life has never been the same since.